Bitty Rain Review – Good MLM or Joke?

Seems like new MLM businesses emerge every single day online but how can you easily tell the most legit to join and one that fits you and your lifestyle?

Its simple, research, research again and lastly? Do some more research!

For an in-depth review of a similar MLM USI Tech go to

But make sure to read and learn the ropes of the company before joining the team.

My review will explore the company background and give you more information on its history, their available products and of course the remuneration plan to expect.

Without further ado, lets check it out!

Bitty Rain Review

The company’s website provides information on the owner or the person running the day’s running of the business.

Some scrutiny reveals that the domain belonging to Bitty Rain website was listed on 19th October 2017 anonymously as “”.

Three administrators listed as Jane Smith, Prasanta Kumar and Helina Kebede are listed online on the official company Facebook group. The three seemed to play a role in the MLM group with numerous business opportunities promoted on most feeds on Facebook.

Except the affiliate promotions, the three state proprietorship of the company do not cite Jane Smith as the sole owner of Bitty Rain.

Bitty Rain Reviews- Products Available

Currently, Bitty Rain has no products or services for retail. Affiliates who prefer to sign up for Bitty rain will now be able to promote the affiliate’s company.

Bitty Rain Compensation Plan

It is mandatory for affiliates who wish to take part in the company remuneration plan to sign up for a membership and purchase one or more cycler positions. Affiliates purchasing 0.003 BTC positions can join the 2×4 matrix cycler.

This 2×4 matrix cycler used by the company, elevates an affiliate to the top of the matrix with 2 positions directly below them.

Two of these positions which create the 1st level of the matrix and the 2nd level of the matrix is generated by spliting up the first two positions from level one, to the next two positions each. This in turn creates 4 positions on this level.

Levels 3 and 4 of the 2×4 matrix cycler are of the same case as the second level, and takes 8 positions on the 3rd and 16 positions on the 4th level.

An affiliate is required to buy 1 or more 0.003 BTC cycler positions when they sign up. This unlocks 1st level of the 2×4 matrix cycler filled by position that has been purchased directly or indirectly by sponsored affiliates.

A ‘cycle’ is created when both positions are filed on the 1st level. This circle then results in commission payouts(with an exemption of level 1) and the position taking a level up in the 2×4 matrix cycler.

  • Level 1 (costs 0.003 BTC) – When full, the position cycles to level 2
  • Level 2 –with 0.006 BTC commission. When full, the position cycles into level 2 and creates two new level 1 positions
  • Level 3 – with 0.01 BTC commission. When full the position cycles into level 4 and generates five new level 1 positions
  • Level 4 – with 1 BTC commission and creates seventy new level 1 positions.
Cost of Joining Bitty Rain 

Interestingly, joining Bitty Rain as an affiliate is absolutely free.

Affiliates are however required to buy 1 or more 0.003 BTC cycler positions to be able to fully join this business opportunity and the compensation plan the company has to offer.

Verdict on Bitty Rain

Basically, we have established that Bitty Rain has no retail products or services at the moment. They were however not transparent about the owners and I had to do some research to find out their identities, and whats more, you also have to purchase positions which is not a good idea earning in the comp plan.
At the end of the day, its up to you to sign up as I have reviewed numerous similar companies which only means it won’t be long term. You might make money for the first few months but what would happen if it goes wrong? Personally, I like building a foundation firm for the future instead of roaming around as it basically ruins one’s reputation.
Having given the spotlight on this, I hope you enjoyed my Bitty Rain review and if by chance you have any questions or compliments, feel free to post them in the comments below…
And if by chance you would like to establish something reliable and long term that propelled me to making over 7 figures…

Watch out for this..

There are a number of MLM opportunities in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space. Even ICOs are being promoted by email marketers and Facebook Ads are sharing just how profitable ICO’s can be. Whilst this CAN be true often it’s not. Many ICOs get hyped up so badly and when the coin ends up hitting exchanges and can be freely traded the early investors dump their coins as quick as possible.

It’s also a good idea to look at ICO review websites, a good one is as they share legitimate reviews of upcoming ICOs.

Another good place is the Reddit ICO crypto thread

Before you leave check out my review of Gunbot which is another cryptocurrency MLM

Gunbot Review – Worth Your Time?

Have you ever heard about Gunbot?

Do you know what exactly it is?

Gunbot is Crypto Auto Trading Product that has achieved much hype in the current market. If you want to know more about this software, you can go through the following review. All the data is given after a thorough research. Therefore, you can trust every word and can take the decision accordingly.

Gunbot Review

We have reviewed many auto trading products. One thing we like about the Gunbot is that it does not promise to be too good. The official website makes it clear that the product focuses more on the trading methods on the basis of the inputs given by the user. It tries to get the perfection without any personal involvement.

Gunbot is an automated Bitcoin trading service. It has the capability to work for the 24/7 and to get the perfection while relying on the inputs of the users. It is like a farming machine that is designed to automate the manual labor with the improved quality and much bigger volume. It can offer better performance with the quality setting.

How does it work?

As mentioned above, it is a Bitcoin automatic trader. It deals with a number of chosen cryptocurrency exchanges. It supports Poloniex, Cryptopia, Kraken, and Bittrex. You will have many versions of this product.

When you incorporate the product with the exchange, it will be easy to set the specification and the techniques. It works depending on the setting. You can also modify the setting if you find it hard to operate.

How to get it 

It is available in three option packages. The base version of this product will demand 0.1 BTC. It will support a single exchange that will enable the user to run crypto coin while trading on the different variety of coins.

The 0.2 Bitcoin will be more or less same. But it will offer access to two markets instead of one.

The expensive one is the 0.3 BTC. It enables the users to trade on 3 available exchanges. If you go with this option, you will get the lifetime license for Gunbot.

Besides, you will find other apps from Gunbot. You will have Gunbot live training and support alternative, Gunbot TradingView Addon on sale, Web GUI, Arbitrage Bot and a 5 Config Combination pack.

You can download the software from the official website in windows, Mac versions, and Linux. Gunbot works with the VPS. A minimum of 4 cores and 4 gigs of RAM will be required for VPS.

What are the benefits?

• You will have a profile with an active community that has above 2, 000 users.

• Compatibility with Mac, Linux, and Windows.

• Lifetime license.

• Different selling and buying strategies.

• Free trading suggestions.


The setting will play an important role. If you use the GUI version, the setting will be easy. With other versions, you will have to access some config.js files connected with each of the supported coin pairs. All the settings can be saved and tampered with a code. You need to run the crypto for the offered set and can repeat the same process for a new pair.

How to do the settings

For the setting, first you need to add the API and the Secret Key. Once it is done, the market will be picked. While creating the setting, you need to ensure that no one will able to tamper the setting and to steal your coins. You need to maintain the secrecy of your setting to be on safe side.

The current setting and market setting are different. The current setting is the base coin and the market setting is the altcoin. You need to make a balance of the base coin. All the settings come with some specification. You need to know the features that you need to include in the setting. For example, for the BB, you will have the %Low BB and % High BB. Besides, the Balance setting will enable the setting of the amount of the coin that needs to be utilized for each trade. It will also be used for the setting of a sell-all limit.

The sign settings will also need to match straight to the time-frame. Bot timing sets up the delay in between the demands.


Gunbut is popular for the useful and easy settings. By following the right setting, you can achieve the desired benefits. Many of the users find this product and feature helpful.